The Rose of New York TangoEarly spring has vanished and most frosted nights are placed on hold for at least a few months. Brunch is best after an early morning walk in Soho/Tribeca or the East to West-side strip on 23rd Street. These are a few of those things promised to be an exception above the humidity of many HOT summer nights in New York City. Today may feel like Summer is only a week or two away, tomorrow each day or night of Dance Tango could feel like this summer is only a week or two before it's almost over.
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New Yorkers Live-A-Life© for the best summer nights, bustling noontimes and those weekends when the fresh wind-crawls in an open Park. It takes 2-to-Tango and 3-to-Learn to dance Tango. Gladly! New York Tango is about these charms, thrills, wild Orchid mornings, miscellaneous full moon nights and a heat that competes with the HOT Colorado Springs.

We welcome you... From Lincoln Center to Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Museum, the Coney-island board-walk, Battery Park and the South Street Seaport Museum. Taxi-your way to the upper west-side, water-ways on the Hudson River, Scan the City Lights from Washington Heights - fly past the Upper-East, Pictures in Times Square and a weekend brunch in Trendy Lower Manhattan's Soho & Tribeca. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and witness a Picture Perfect Skyline of the Greatest City on Earth.

Welcome to a world of Tango*as you have never seen or experienced before. Challenge your true inhibitions to trust your intuition's relentless pursuit to discover passions beyond your wildest imagination. Feel the hypnosis of Buenos Aires Tango in New York City. New York Tango Dot Org is dedicated to providing you with updates on Argentine Dance Tango and special events in New York City.

We do our best to pattern our reports based on a ten point system. You can use this website as a tool to locate the next best NYC Milonga (Argentine Tango Dance Party Listing) tonight, tomorrow and each night of the week and the following Monday in which to go out Tango dancing in New York City. Browse categorically the top 10 Dance Tango Instructors, Dance Schools, Tango Dance Festivals, Dance Groups, Déj� 's, Musicians etc. Join our online community dance network, introduce yourself and express your comments freely.

Visit our History pages for more on a visitor guide to dance tango in NYC and learn about the evolution of the Tango in New York City, who brought it here and where those people are today. Learn what makes Tango Dancing in New York City the next best thing to discovering the relentless passions of your own emotions. Call The NYC Dance Hot Line Toll Free @1-281-282-6468 for the Tango Milonga Calendar Event List or Dance Schools. Be a part of the NYC Tango Milonga Payless Membership Club

View NYC Selected weekly Milonga listings here<<View>>View NYC Selected Top 10 Dance Instructors here<<View>>View NYC Top 10 Dance Schools here<<View>>Read about other events in NYC here<<View>>You can use our tango list as a guide to finding the best tango events, shows, performance and available Tango Dance Instructors. The list is our guide and help to you whenever you visit New York Tango. All list are selected by dancers like you who's only desires are to have the best time ever, right here in New York City.

*Tango is the term used to connect two of something or the other together with each other. The common Tango as a dance form is only an example. A visitors handy guide To the top 10 Argentine Tangos in Nuevo York is A Directory by Artistic director Michael Fosters Dance Network. It Includes Qualified Instructors, Performers Musicians, Deja's, singers, song writers & Tangueros y Tangueras of the NYC Milongas.
Tango Biographies of the Newly Updated 10-Best Dance Instructors, Dance Schools, Dance Festivals, Shows and performances will be available shortly. Please keep checking.

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