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About NYC Tango Scene
The Tango In NYC: News Worthy! Proud to Stand Out! Quality Focus! Fun & NYTango Enjoyment! Sophisticated! Special! Dignified! Artistic! Organized! Un-Selfish! Moderate! Visually-Lasting! Common (Some) But Yet Classic & Original. 

The goals are:

  1. To maintain a name and place for the reputable Tangueros y Tangueras of our time.
  2. To help develop peace and moratorium amounts the best of Tangos, Milongas & the aficionados involved with bringing the Tango times to pass whilst we all enjoy it in the present.
  3. To Enhance the news worthiness of every Tanguero y Tanguera, from professionals to commons, in public shows and professional theater productions.

What drives usThe Rose of New York Tango
We dance for fun in public, Simi-private club locations. Anyone interested in joining with us can learn to dance from a regular 30-minutes of FREE dance lessons often held at city-wide locations, dance schools and or a local list of Instructors to choose from.

The People
We believe in the non-commercializing of the Art that is 1st found in "Dancers" and then "Tango". We are a Unique group of individuals who closely hold to our hearts without prejudice the extremes of "Dance" as an "ART-FORM". "We Love going out to Dance each day of the week"
We encourage non-politically driven dance events venues wherein all dancers and visiting guest are free to encompass themselves regardless of who they are. We'll like to believe as we are a community and prefer our dancing to be observed as an "Art" exhibited though the forms and expressions from which it is common  to our natural body anatomy. We hold unanimously to the above record by our commitment financially and otherwise. Most NYTango members remain to themselves keeping personal opinions anonymous as a guide and meter of our support and professional courtesy.

The Company
NYTB-Founded in 2001. We are located in New York, Los Angeles and Florida (NYTB, LATB & FLTB). LATangoBar.com NYTangoBar.com. "Tango" by these expressions means two (2) as in the partner styles of dance associated with most Latin and Ballroom style of dances. "Bar" by these terms means "A Place"  or "A Venue" where friends, visitors or strangers gather in order to socialize, meet and create new friendships.

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