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The Top 10 Tango Dance Instructors
The Top Ten Tango Instructors were chosen base on their years of Experience, Availability, Vocabulary, Personality and Dance-Leadership.
They are:
#10- Tioma Moloratsky
#09- Anthony Blackwell (Milonga)
#08- Adam Copenhagan & Jose Fluk
#07- Hernan Brazuela
Javier García/Moira Sauane (Nuevo)
Jak Karako (Mix Trad/Nuevo)
Stefan Zawistowski
#03- Santiago Steele
#02-  Armondo Orzuza (Tie with) Oliver Kolker
(Tie with) Anton Gazenbeek
#01- Paul Pellicorro

With Consolation and special interest to the development of “Form & Expression” in the art of Dance: Instructor- Michael Foster’s Technique & Balance™ certificate granting 7-hour course in the "Anatomy of Dance". A program for Dance students and instructors. Tango Workout and a kids 7 to 11 program encompasses a combination of the upper-body rythm-in-motion and the lower body for structure and balance. Techniques of the program includes stepping patterns sort by top celebrity cat-walk models combined with the basic steps of Argentine Tango.
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