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The Rose of New York Tango

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The Rose of Tango

It takes two to Tango, and though it is difficult to bring about the number in a city that is made up of boroughs, we have cautiously selected the picture of roses in order to create the fashion statement of tango connection. The New York Rose of Tango also depicts the (double personality) extremes usually associated with most Tango Dancers.

New York Tango Dance Community Official Dance Instructors Updated-july/2012
First ClassFirst Class Instructors guide are selected based on proven expertise, ability to speak proper English and the fact that they are based in NYC up to 80% of their time.
Danel & Maria Bastone Grand Masters not for show, strong in dance vocabulary, sophisticated and genuine. Groups, mature groups/privates
Paul Pellicoro Blog It Grand Master and body language specialist, acute realization to technique and advancement in different partner scenarios. An all round Master.
Diego Di Falco Blog It A master of technique, performance choreography and attentiveness to students musicality and connection
Michael Foster Technique & Balance® Master Choreographer developer of acute body language, Technique & Balance specialist. All levels and groups
Alicia Cruzado Blog It Master of abdominal and breathing techniques, a no-nonsense stylist of custom body language. A master choreographer
Valeria Solomonoff Blog It A Master choreographer attune to musicality and the valor of extensions specific to the followers choreography
Santiago Steele  Blog It A superior demonstrator and artistic choreographer, works well with partnering and custom connection styles
Armando Orzuza Blog It A Master in the Grandeur superior and sophisticated in every style. Can work with groups, mature groups and privates.
Carlos Duarte de Chey Blog It Simple superior and magical. Can work with anyone. Beginners and professionals can be sure to learn something new.
Oliver Kolker Blog It Strategy builder, energy injector performs well with young students and intermediate groups
Gayatri Martin Blog It Artistic and Fantastic beginner instructor. can work well with mature adults and young beginner groups
Tioma Maloratsky "El Ruso" Blog It A master of uniformity and alignment, great for structure building and dance floor navigational techniques.
Ney MeloBlog its A master of control and dance floor navigational strategies. Can expressively help students with un-sturdy or big bone structures.
Mariela FranganilloBlog Specific demonstrator to archeological anatomy-of-dance. (Particularly to lower body joints: hips, ankles, etc.,) Works well with professional followers with acute needs.
Rebecca Shulman Blog It A Phantom stylist and practical choreographer. Attentive to detail, works well with advance intermediate and professionals
Carina MoellerBlog It A superior analytical choreographer one of the only instructors to exemplify the wrists/neck & ankle anatomy of dance connection
Stefan ZawistowskiBlog It A superior showman. Works great with beginner to intermediate performance professionals
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NYC Tango Instructors Guide
2nd Level2nd level Instructors guide are selected based on their expertise, ability to speak proper English and the fact that they are based in NYC up to 50% of their time.
Maximiliano "gytano,Paradiso A veteran by his own source who's style of teaching is unique, unfortunately Max is hardly ever available in New York City
Viviana ParraBlog It Fantastic worth every penny, a core instructor on the fundamentals of the upper body rythm in motion
Brigitte Winkler Blog It Party with some humor Great intermediate level instructor works well with women followers
Robin ThomasBlog It A superior and quite cautious instructor who's core determination is to make each student aware that practice is most important
Rosa CollantesBlog It Partly restricted but when given the right opportunity can surprise even the most hard to learn student. Works well with groups
Angel García Blog It The magic of learning to dance the Tango can seam like an overnight experience. Great for group and program workshops.
Laura Real Blog It Courteously attentive to details bearing special focus on student mannerisms, works well with choreography and semi-privates.
Annatina LuckBlog It Strategic attention to extreme details, great body-language instructor.
Mariana Galassi Blog It Sensational alert to details, works well with beginners and professional followers, must have strong leader assistance for groups
Moira SauaneBlog It Master Nuevo specialist and instructor who does well with the right student but needs time to develop connection with new students
Jorge MaderskiBlog It Dedicated choreographer strong on instructional vocabulary
Jorge TorresBlog It A Master choreographer, can work well with groups, privates, semi/privates and performance choreography individual or groups
AntonGazenbeekBlog It A superior achiever and one that's dedicated to bringing the best out of each student.
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                                                          Class3rd Class Instructors guide are selected based on their expertise, ability to speak English and the fact that they are based in NYC up to 50% of their time.
Jon Tariq Blog It A strategic developer of performance type techniques. Works great with performance type private practice sessions
María José SosaB/It A simple milonguita style trainer can help mature adults with connection and dance floor navigation
Shiwa Noh Blog It A strategic innovator of new styles for showmanship or building self confidence. Works great with kids and young adult groups.
Hernan Brizuela BIt A fascist to improvisational techniques. strong on movements and acute connection versatility. Works better with an assistant
Lexa Rosean Blog It A transcendental but prudent visual leader and director. Works well with mature groups with special interest
Daniela Pucci Blog It Works great with  intermediate groups, privates/semi-privates and followers dance floor etiquette
Kumi Ueki Blog It An abrasive  director of dance floor strategies and partner analysis
José Fluk Blog It A master beginner beginner instructor. Works well with mature groups no larger that 6-couples.
Angeles ChanahaBIt A Master of advance followers choreography. Needs translation assistance when working with groups

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OTHER:Are a level of Instructors who's expertise are Undetermined but frequently visit or based in NYC up to 50% of their time.

Carlos Cañedo

Tango 2 You Baby! some performance Practice choreography.

Adam Copenhagan A superior instructor and performer in the making good from practicas and minor improvisational techniques for beginners
Anthony Blackwell A practical Milonguero. Can help with speed and diversions on dance floor navigational techniques.
Karina Romero Blog A superior originator of styles in the Traditional Momentum and tango connection to the dance floor.
Miwa Kanekoe Blog I A superior follower, intended for the good lead and training of the basic to advance leaders. Great for one-on-one practice
Juan PabloBlog It A simple instructor for basic groups classes. Can help intermediate followers in need of practicing floor navigational techniques
Sergio Segura Blog It A superior entrepreneur of dance styles and chirographies. Works well with professionals and instructors.
Michael Nadtochi Blog It A superior exhibitor of dance floor etiquette. Can help basic to intermediate with basic dance floor navigational techniques.
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The Rose of New York Tango
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Who is a Tanguero or Tanguera

A Tanguero: Is a Person who regular visits the Milongas almost every night of the week. Is considered to be an exceptional Leader, one who can easily determine dance floor etiquette. An individual bearing an UN-selfish and progressive attitude. A person who is slow to speak and often easily overwhelmed by dance floor interruption. A fresh but moderate individual. (New York Tango Awards Ceremony January, 13th, 2013 NewYorkTango.org Awards 2012 - Dance Tango)

A Tanguera: Is rather an attitude that in which a person of whom can be referred to as the follower/s popularly found at Most established Milongas. She: the Tanguera (Attitude) is the reason why there is a Milonga, another Tanda, or the serendipitous mood pervasively associated with dance floor etiquette. There is no Known reason why She (the Tanguera Attitude) is so popular and why it is so important. She is however an experience left to be acquired night after night at another and another Milonga.

A Most KNOW YOU NEED TO KNOW about all Tango Milongas Tangueros y Tangueras - There's always that extreme mixture of personalities and often one person can emit an equal amount of emotions similar to those exhibited in each Tanda.

The most sincere method is UNDERSTANDING. However if leaning the difference between "Normalcy" and "Ordinary" is something somewhat knowledgeable a a personality in you which you can trust? You'll be sure to eventually cover hundreds or even thousands of Milongas throughout your life span as a Tanguero or Tanguera without succumbing to the ubiquitous emotional collateral associated with every Tango Community, wherever you might find another Milonga. Fact: to each discovered "Normalcy" there is unfortunately in the lingering hind-site an obtuse (excruciating)  "Ab-normalcy" and fortunately to every "Ordinary" UN-circumstantial experience there is fortunately more often left to be acquired an "Extra Ordinary" feeling and expression. The hope is to be as ordinary as you possibly could be and try associating with the same. That way in a single tanda two strangers can become the most precious couple to again fall deeply in love. In New York City It takes 2-to-Tango, But 3-to-Learn to Dance the Tango.

Learn about a free lessons by calling 513-258-2402

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Ukrainian East Village Restaurant : Learn about a free lessons by calling 513-258-2402

*The American Cabeceo: How it works: Leaders are free to roam and engage their prospects. Followers seeking to join the dancing are seated from left to right. Only Leaders are allowed to offer an invitation to dance. Leaders must choose the the next follower in order of availability from right to left. If that follower chooses to wait her chance the leader chooses the next and so on.

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